Cooking class in Florence: Grand Tour advices

home made pasta

Here at the Relais Grand Tour Firenze we are used to suggest places to eat we love. Some of them are famous for the home made pasta. Others for the steak. Others for the desserts. You had pasta and you found it simply great. You eat ravioli, gnocchi, lasagna. You eat that fresh home-made bread. That “zuccotto” cake, or cantuccini biscuits. Now: how can you repeat that amazing experience when at home?

Try a cooking class while in Firenze! Just organize about 3 hours of your time and enjoy the art of cooking as a local the very best Florentine recipes for pasta or cakes.

Actually, there are many agencies organizing cooking class, and here I suggest you the cooking class by Artviva agency just because guests told me they had a good experience with them. The groups are not big, and the prices are affordable. In addiction, their office is located into the city center, so you can easily go there on foot from the Grand Tour Firenze to their address.

As you can see, the agency offers a long list of tours in and outside the city center, by walk or bus, and you can use the online booking service to reserve your cooking class.

Enjoy the food while in Italy!


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