Street food: Relais Grand Tour Tips for panino part 2

In our last post we talked about the panino in Florence at Mercato Centrale and at Lì per Lì, two places very close our bed and breakfast Grand Tour Firenze Relais & Suites.

Today I want to give you other advices, going from our place to stay to the Ponte Vecchio Old Bridge.

–        I Due Fratellini: this very small place with no seats is one of the most favourite by locals. Bottles of red Chianti wine, fresh bread Panini, and prosciutti, salami, cheese, meat. Just make your choice and add a small glass of wine. Price range euros 2.50 – 6.50, actually. Located in Via dei Cimatori, close to Signoria sq. – open all days 9.00am – 7.00pm

–        All’Antico Vinaio: the place is small but they have some tiny tables for a short break. Try their famous focaccia with sbriciolona (a kind of salami with fennel), or a plateau of cheese and salami. Locals and tourists, very busy. Price range 3.50 – 8.50, actually. Located in Via de’ Neri, two steps from the Uffizi Gallery – open all days 9.00am- 10pm

–        Trippai stalls: they take the name from “trippa” (tripe) which locals adore in the panino. They offer sandwiches with tripe or with lampredotto (similar), with boiled vegetables and hot sauce, or simply with a “salsa verde”, a green sauce with persil, garlig, potatoes and a drop of vinegar. The price range is euros 4.00 – 6.50, actually. One of the stalls is on your way to go to the Ponte Vecchio, located at the Mercato del Porcellino (known as the Logge del Porcellino). Anoter is in Piazza de’Cimatori, not far from Via Calzaioli, between the Duomo sq. and Signoria sq. – open all days 9.00am – 7.00pm

You can eat delicious food in Florence and save money. Take your panino, seat on a medioeval stair, and enjoy the lunch under the Florentine sun before to back home at the Relais Grand Tour

I will give you other tips, stay tuned 🙂


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