Getting to the Relais Grand Tour by car

Getting to Florence by car

If you decide to come to Florence by car, you have to be informed that all the historic city center is closed to the traffic for the non-residents. Our B&B Grand Tour Firenze is located in the ZTL, and I have to say that Firenze is not the best city for traffic signals.

–        Must have a GPS on your car. This is very very important if you want not to get lost and receive a fine by the Municipality Police (at home, after a few months)

–        Tell us in advance, so that we can give you the best directions to find our B&B easily

How to:

  •  Come to Florence by car and stop at the B&B: in this case just follow our instructions and go to park your car at the Garage Sant’Orsola located in Vicolo di Sant’Orsola (a very small street).  If you have a GPS put this address: Via Santa Caterina D’Alessandria. Once there, drive straight until the crossroad with Via Guelfa. Turn on the left part of the Via Guelfa and drive straight until the 2nd crossroad (you will pass under a ZTL camera, don’t worry about that). On your left there is Via Santa Reparata, we’re at the n. 21 at about 20 meters from the corner. On your right there is the “P” sign for Parking of the Garage Sant’Orsola.  This is the place to leave your car while you stay in Florence at the Relais Grand Tour. Price range for the Garage is 23-30 euros daily, depending on car size. They will put you in a special list for tourists with car, and you will not receive a fine by the policeLeave the car there and take a short walk to our place. *Please: if you see you’re getting lost, then stop the car and give us a phone call. We will try to drive you back to the right place. 
  •    Come to Florence by car and return it at the car rental in the city center: in this case you cannot come at the Relais Grand Tour first. Just go to the car rental first, then take a taxi from there to the B&B.
  •   Come to Florence by car and return it at the car rentals close to the Firenze Peretola aiport, just take a taxi from there. It will be about half one hour far, for about 25.00 euros.

We’re waiting for your at the Relais Grand Tour!

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