Street Food: Relais Grand Tour tips for panino part 1

street food florence

Street food in Florence is an excellent idea, especially because is not expensive and it offers various food specialties easy to take away.

The Relais Grand Tour is located very close to the Mercato di San Lorenzo San Lorenzo Market where you can find the best street food ever: go there not later than 1.30pm and you will enjoy the glorious panini with meat at Nerbone’s, where locals go from mid-morning. Here you can find boiled meat (called bollito or lesso) with various type of sauces, from the “salsa verde” (gree sauce with persil, potatoes and garlic) to the “salsa piccante” the very hot-sauce with hot italian peppers. Cow meat, but not only. Try also the “panino with lampredotto” or “panino with trippa”, but don’t ask what is that… just taste it and you will enjoy it.

Inside the San Lorenzo Market, you will find other good places where to ask for a panino: with prosciutto, or prosciutto and pecorino cheese, or salame, or whatever you want, including vegetables.

Also, if you love fish, there is a stand of fresh fish where you can ask for a “cartoccio di pesce fritto“, the florentine version of “Fish&Chips” in a yellow paper.

Outside the San Lorenzo Food Market, there is another place we love: it is called “Lì per Lì“, in Via XXVVII Aprile, just 2 minutes walk from our place to stay. This has just 2 small tables and they serve paninis and small home-made courses like past or roast-beef. You can personalize your panino with vegetables, cheese, salami, meat, eggs, etc…

San Lorenzo Market: open Monday-Saturday 7.00am – 2.00pm, Piazza del Mercato Centrale, same time for Nerbone

Lì per Lì Focacceria: open Monday-Friday 10.30am-6.30pm, Via XXVVII Aprile, corner with Via San Zanobi.

Follow us for other address, and come to meet us here in Florence at the Relais Grand Tour!

Go on the official website and see the special offers!


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