Florence in Fall: events, specials, and some good reasons to come at the Relais Grand Tour B&B in October

October is coming soon, with its events and exhibitions. Fall season is perfect to visit Firenze, and if you think that you cannot stay in the lines to visit the Uffizi, the Academy and other main attractions, well, no problems! Here at the Relais Grand Tour B&B we offer a reservation service for museums tickets totally free of charge.

We will call the ticket office and book the tickets on your favourite day&time, then you will pay the bill directly at the entrance when you will go for the tour. Easy and very convenient!

Since the Grand Tour’s is centrally located, main museums and cathedrals are at a very short walkable distance, and the best places to eat in Florence are no more than 5 minutes on foot from home. Don’t forget Fall’s Food menu: seasonal vegetables like “porcini” and other specialties like “ribollita” are perfect during these months…

Here we give you a couple of Special Events in our city:

  • 9/22/2012 – 1/27/2013 at Palazzo Strozzi (close to the Duomo and the luxury shopping area): The Thirties. The Arts in Italy beyond the Fascism. It is a narrative of Italy in a time of great artistic ferment: Futurism, Abstraction, Expressionism, Classicism.
  • 10/5/2012 – 1/27/2013 at the Strozzina Center, inside Palazzo Strozzi, there is the exhibition Francis Bacon and the Exhistential Condition in Contemporary Art. Paintings by Francis Bacon coming from the Dublin City Gallery the Hugh Lane, compared with other works by five world-famous artists (Sassolino, Shiota, Soltau, Djurberg, Ghenie) to explore body, interior and outside word.


… And don’t miss our October Last Minute Special Offer! Book the room now on our official web site, the offer is limited…


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