Florence: museums opening hours during Christmas

Our beautiful city is an excellent place for your winter vacations, especially if you stay at the B&B Relais Grand Tour during Christmas Time 😀 and book your favourite suite!


Most of our guests come to Florence to enjoy the Renaissance art, the beauty of its Cathedrals and the world-famous masterwoks in the museums: Venus by Botticelly, the David…  But: are Flroence museums open during Christmas Holidays?


YES!!!  most of the museums will be OPEN and you can enjoy the Uffizi, Academy Gallery, Pitti Palace…


12/24: all day open – 12/25 all day closed – 12/26 all day open

12/31: all day open until 5.30PM

1/01: all day closed

2/01: PROBABLY there is a special opening, since this is a Monday, and traditionally, mosto of the State museums (Uffizi, Academy etc.) are closed. We will get in touch!

And about restaurants in Florence: are they open during Christmas vacations?follow us, the next post is coming soon……




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