Summer in Florence

If you are coming to Florence this Summer and are staying at the Relais Grand Tour, you will have lots of things to do while in our city. Here is a short list:

  • Museum opening hours ….Palazzo Vecchio … April – September open every day  9am to 11pm, except on Thursday (open from 9am to 2pm). October to March closing at 7pm instead
  • The Torre di Arnolfo is open every day from 10am to 9pm and on Thursday from 9am to 2pm. In the Fall the hours revert to 10am – 5pm and the restricted Thursday
  • At the Museo Novecento,  from 9am to 11pm).
  • Even Museo Gucci on Friday is always open until 11pm.
  • the Bargello is open daily 8:15am to 5pm &
  • Closed on SUNDAY – The 2nd and 4th of every month
    and MONDAY – The 1st, 3rd and 5th of every month
  • The Museo delle Cappelle Medicee and the Museo di Palazzo Davanzati open 8:15am to 4:20pm                     15am to 1:50pm M-F 1:15p – 6:50pm Sa & Su
    • MUSEUM IS CLOSED: SUNDAY –  2nd and 4th of every mo.
      MONDAY – The 1st, 3rd and 5th of every month, see site for more details
  • The new Museo dell’Opera del Duomo is always open until 9am to  7pm every day but the first Tuesday of the month.
  • The Galleria dell’Accademia is open on Tuesday from 8.15am to 6:50pm, closed every Monday and Jan 1st & Dec 25th…
  • while Galleria degli Uffizi is open the same hours & Free entry on the first Sunday of each month (get the free ticket at the ticket office; it is not possible to book tickets on this day).
  • Take the bus to Fiesole (bus stop just 3 minutes walk from our B&B) and spend there half a day. You can enjoy the panorama, visit the Archeological Museum and the Anfiteatro Romano ( romanic theatre), then take time for an Aperitive or dine at one of the restaurants with a terrace overlooking all of Florence from the hills of Fiesole. Bus available until late night to come back home.
  • Enjoy the Italian Gelato! Near our place, there are the 4 places we love most in the city center: lets get here and we will show you exactly where they are located.
  • Eat at the Mercato Centrale until midnight: a gorgeous place, perfect for a glass of wine, a dinner, a nice salad…
  • Take a daily tour to Siena, San Gimignano, Lucca, Pisa… or Rome: from Florence this is just 1 hour by train!
  • Time for Sales! good quality clothes and shoes are on sale from Mid-July in most of the shops: just go there and enjoy shopping Italian brands at very reasonable prices…



Concert in the Park Tonight

Summer is here…

This year our mornings begin early…the sky lights up around 4:45 in the morning. The early mornings are sweet to just enjoy the quiet before everyone wakes up, water plants, get ready for a busy day OR get ready to explore this amazing city.

Still decent cool temps in the morning which give way soon to warmer and more humid ones later. Visitors to our city getting ready to explore the many amazing sites, the history that awaits in small alleys or on large squares alike. Medieval times, architecture galore, fashion, shopping, leather haven and of course the food. Mangia!

So many options and yet also quiet spots to just take in the atmosphere. The bells of the churches & the sounds of doves ringing in another day.

Come join us and enjoy this magnificent place…can’t wait to greet you and get you on your way to Your adventure. People looking for hustle and bustle, but Italian style, slower I may say, will get their fix, just as will art lovers. The Uffizi or a Piazza die Duomo, both offer views, history and feast for the eyes.

The Grand Tour Suite await…U

Christmas in Florence


This is the first Christmas picture I ‘ve made this year in our Florence. So exciting when first Xmas lights make our city magic and warmer, chocolate is everywhere in the air, shops have that sweet winter touch… Oh if only it could snow! Well … who knows?

By the way, we ‘re making our Christmas decorations at our home Relais Grand Tour B&B and really hope you will join us in Florence !

Rick Steves and the Grand Tour Relais & Suites


Rick Steves Florence and Tuscany 2016

This April, we had the pleasure to meet one of the Rick Steves inspectors here at our home the B&B Relais Grand Tour & Grand Tour Suites in Firenze.

I have to say that  I have never seen such seriousness and competence, such enthusiasm and attention to evaluating things. The young man who came to do the inspection of our B&B and chat about our work and our guests, was very kind and very happy to see that the Relais Grand Tour is well maintained, with care and love from our family.
I was very pleased to see that the effort that we put every day in every single detail of our work, shines through clearly.

For me it is a pride to collaborate with Rick Steves and his collaborators, and I hope that we will always have the honor to be present in their gorgeous travel guides.

Thank you! Thank you Rick Steves!


A renovated room: the Golden accomodation

Golden dbl room

At the Relais Grand Tour there is a new room, totally renovated, 2 up 4 guests! During the second half of march, finally we finished the renovation of the rooms on the 2nd floor. While before we had 2 double rooms with 2 bathrooms (quite small standard shower), today we have the Golden Double room perfect for couple, and the Golden Family Suite up to 4 guests made of the Golden dbl room and the adjoining dbl room.

Golden Dbl Room: large double occupancy accomodation, bright and sunny, air conditioning/heating, wi-fi, minifridge, in-room breakfast facilities. Large bathroom with a huge shower box in mosaics and 2 sinks. The beautiful mirror in gold that you see in the bathroom, is an ancient family one.

Golden Suite: 2 large dbl occupancy rooms, separated by a door, and the large bathroom with a huge shower box mentioned above. In each one of the 2 rooms: air conditioning/heating, wi-fi, breakfast facilities, mini-fridge. Perfecrt for 2+1 guests, families of 4, a group of friends. It is possible to ask for twins in one of the 2 rooms.

You can see all our room on the Official Website Relais Grand Tour & Grand Tour Suites and check all the Special Offers and best rates! Come to Florence and join us!

Here is the GOLDEN DBL ROOM gallery and the GOLDEN SUITE 

Mercato Centrale in Florence: your food experience

This awsome place in the truly Florence city center is located just 2 minues walking from our Bed & Breakfast Relais Grand Tour, and it is open from the early morning until mid-night. The big building in grey and red facade is an old-European style Food Market, recently renovated on its 2nd floor (lift).
Downstairs is the historical market with some small food stands dating back to the early 20th century including the very famous Trattoria da Nerbone with its panini and lasagna.
The 1st floor opens daily very early round 7.00am, since most of the restaurants in Florence buy their ingredients here at the Mercato Centrale which offers more than 150 vendors for vegetables, meat, cheese, prosciutti, fish, fruit, spices, olive oil, wine, bread, etc… There are some nice small stops where you can eat panini or a home-made “lasagna” until 2.00pm. Very simple meals, light prices.
Upstairs, on the 2nd floor, there is the new food court which is a great spot for a high-quality meal in a very trendy athmosphere with music, art events, readings, food tastings… There is also a good cooking school and you can spend some time watching chefs’ secrets from the windows. The 2nd floor is open mid-morning until mid-night, all days all year (incl. Festivities).
When on the 2nd floor just find a table, grab food from one (or more!) of the vendors and enjoy. There is great varieties of fresh food stands which can please any palate, and most of the restaurants upstairs get all their produce from local farmers. They have servers that can take your drink orders and take your plates away. Prices are very popular and food is well done, that’s why locals come here not only during the week-end.
“FRESH” is the key-word of this amazing place! Fresh fish, fresh meat (no OGM here! And most of the ingredients are “organic”) fresh hand-made pasta, fresh organic veggie burgers, fresh bread and pastries… There is a great Truffle shop where you can ask for your pasta and choose which truffle exposed behind the the window you want in it…
The place is often busy: families, friends, couples, businnesmen, tourists or locals, everyone here is just looking for a break with some good food and a glass of wine or just want a quick italian expresso before back to work… A vibrant place in Florence city center, fun and perfect for foodies. And locals (usually so critics) are very proud to be here.
The Mercato Centrale is also a Florence Food Shopping temple: buy your stuff, take your wines, and just ask them to deliver all the items wherever you want (ask at the information desk).
Staff is very friendly and everyone speaks English.